Ireland is one of the largest beef exporters in the world and is one of very few countries in Europe with a significant level of beef production from specialist suckler beef herds predominately based in the west of Ireland and on our door step.

Irish farmers take great pride in the continual improvement of their stock these carefully selected genetics mean the cattle will perform resulting in a maximum yield with minimum effort.

Beef production from grass is one of Irish farming’s greatest strengths.  Our full flavoured, tender beef is like no other with full traceability back to the grass it was grazed on. Leaving our customers with piece of mind form farm to folk.

The uniqueness of the Irish smallholding and the knowledge that passes down through families along with the land is at the core of what makes Irish beef wonderful. It’s this same specialist knowledge and love for livestock passed from generation to generation over the decades, that we at Maxwell Livestock pride ourselves on.


We supply;

> Feeding Stock

  • Weanling Bulls
  • Weanling Heifers
  • Store Bullocks
  • Store Heifers

All breeds and weights


> Breeding Stock

  • Crossbreed and Pedigree Heifers
  • Cows with calves at foot
  • Springers
  • Breeding Bulls